Lene Schwind


Lene Schwind studied fashion design in Munich. Already during her studies she worked for Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood, and others. Visiting assistant jobs at the Schauspielhaus Zürich and the Theater Basel brought her to the stage. Her first own costume designs for productions in Basel and for the HFF in Munich date back to that time. Assistant positions at the Schauspiel Frankfurt in productions by Michael Thalheimer, Andreas Kriegenburg and Barrie Kosky followed suit, as well as her own costume designs for productions, such as “Die Frau, die gegen Türen rannte” (directed by Oliver Reese, 2010). In Frankfurt Schwind also met director Christopher Rüping (in productions, such as “Die andere Seite” and “The Great Gatsby”). Since then they have maintained a close artistic relationship which has taken them to Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin. Lene Schwind has also repeatedly worked with director Christoph Mehler in Frankfurt and Mainz.