Catastrophe is an artists’ group formed in 2015, whose members are all under 30 years old. Recently, the publication of its manifesto in the French daily newspaper “Libération” drew attention and sparked debate. Its actions take place at night and are never repeated. Whether on stages, the seventh floor of a car-park building or at the top of a high-rise, on a boat or empty beaches, empty swimming pools or theatre foyers, in closed cafes, on city walls, in forests and museums, CDs or books, Catastrophe continually reinvents itself. “Everything could be different – we want to live and work with this phrase in mind. We are ready to work with any form, we want to put imagination back in focus and turn around the meaning of depressing words (in etymological terms, ‘catastrophe’ is not the end, but the change – this is what interests us). In particular we want to ‘create’, though in a cautious way, and not let the concept of ‘the end’ gain the upper hand.”

In the coming season, Catastrophe will perform at the Kammerspiele for the first time in the context of “1968” ­– a project on the legacy of the 1968 generation.