Open Border Kongress 2015: PARADISE MASTAZ

Musical Performance with puppets by Hajusom / Saturday, 17.10. 17:00h & Sunday, 18.10. 15:00h / KAMMER 3

For PARADISE MASTAZ, the transnational performance group Hajusom added some special experts to their staff. Bizarre foam puppets, representing European tourists, and wooden puppets in a West African design, acting as the protagonists of migration, are sent on their way by the performers. On their unequal travel routes, all of them are searching for an ominous “paradise”. While pursuing this search, they get entangled in a struggle with stereotypes and mutual projections. Hajusom holds all the threads together and shows us the true master of the paradise and how string-pullers are made and dismantled in global power games. The ensemble created the puppets in collaboration with legendary puppet artists from Berlin and Bamako/Mali: Niklas Loycke / Das Helmi and Yaya Coulibaly / Compagnie Sogolon. Viktor Marek & Knarf Rellöm accompany puppets and performers with live beats.

By and with: Pegah Aghamohammadi, Joshua Amponsah, Mariama Babjie, Aboubakar Badi Maiga, Amelan-Maria Comoé, Zandile Darko, Francesco Di Bari, Farzad Fadai, Omied Khademsaba, Aimee Nhung Le, Isaac Lokolong, Sarah Owusu, Rahmat Rezai, Dennis Robert, Priscilla Schätz, Bernard Schätz

Art Director: Ella Huck, Dorothea Reinicke Co-Director: Katharina Oberlik Puppets: Ensemble with Niklas Loycke / Das Helmi, Berlin; Yaya and Ousmane Coulibaly/Théâtre Sogolon, Bamako Music: Viktor Marek/Elektronics, Composition; Knarf Rellöm/Bass, Drums; Emanuel Boadu/Vocals, Guitar; Rahmat Hassani/Flute, Mouth Organ Choreography: Can Gülec, Franklyn Kakyire, Schwan Friederike Lampert Costumes: Jelka Plate Stage Design: Markus Lohmann Assistence Stage/Costume: Saskia Gottstein Director’s Assistant: Esther Brandt Light Design: Michael Lentner-Niyorugira Sound Design: Manuel Horstmann Blog Programmer: Lutz Saure

Hajusom – transnational Art
The label Hajusom unites young people who work together with international artists of various genres. They create theatre performances that are presented on big stages, often with live music, as well as smaller formats: audio pieces and songs, literary texts, and interactive art (sometimes staged in public settings).
Since 1999, Hajusom has provided a space in Hamburg where art and life merge and where collective artistic creation is practiced in order to resist cultural, religious and political dominance. All the performers carry their individual maps, for them migration is the normal way of human existence. Hajusom understands its work as peace building and as an artistic intervention in the conflicted field of current migration politics.

Performance in German.

This event was made possible by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ in the framework of the Gastspielförderung Theater (theatre funds for guest performances) and means from the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media) and the Kultur- und Kunstministerien der Länder (Ministries of Culture and Art of the German States).

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