The Open Border Ensemble

Of the season 2017/18

For years, the Münchner Kammerspiele have been collaborating extensively with theatre directors and teams from all over the world, investing in diversity and broadening cultural and aesthetic discourses. This season, we are inviting artists from Damascus, Syria to join our team as part of the Open Border Ensemble and engage with the cultural life of the city for at least ten months. Their experiences will be at the core of two productions: one by the German director Jessica Glause and another by the Argentinian director Lola Arias. They will map new emotional geographies and challenge the labelled roles imposed on artists coming from countries in war. Within the current context of crises, migration, exile and violence, the aim is to forge a new experiential collaborative path by resisting borders and artist(ic) isolation. This project initiates a transnational theatre, giving space to different narratives from cultural and socio-political contexts to emerge, be shared and negotiated in the democratic, open, and analytical setting theatre offers.


Funded by

Miunikh Damaskus in cooperation with


Kamel Najma

Born in Damascus in 1974, Kamel holds a diploma from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts – Acting Department (2004) and a BA in French Literature (University of Damascus). His professional experience includes interactive theatre, puppetering, children theatre, physical theatre and other workshops with international theatre makers in Syria and abroad (France, Italy, Danemark). He acted in Syrian feature films. Kamel also worked for radio and in dubbing for foreign soap operas.

Majd Feddah

Born in Latakiya in 1982, Majd holds a diploma from the High Institute for Dramatic Arts – Acting Department (2005). He worked as an assistant teacher at the HIDAD. Starting 2012, he played in several plays as part of the Damascus Theatre Lab. His own plays were invited to Arab theatre festivals (Tunisia, Algeria). Majd also features in Syrian feature films and TV series.

Kenan Hmedan

Born in Damascus in 1991, Kenan holds a Diploma from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts – Acting Department (2014). Since he graduated, he tried to develop his acting skills through local theater workshops. He performed with independent Syrian directors (Oussama Ghanam, Samer Omran, Jihad Sa’eed). Kenan acted lately in Syrian feature films and TV Series. Besides his acting, Kenan is a talented DJ, organizing events within the underground damascene music scene.

Projects of the Open Border Ensemble

19. Feb 18, 18:00 to 22:00 Hrs
Kammer 2


FOR REFUGEES AND LOCALS / به نوشیدن قهوه خوش آمدید // كافيه مرحباً