Women*/trans*/inter* and girls* of color wanted!

New stage play by Anta Helena Recke: „Die Kraenkungen der Menschheit“

This coming September, director Anta Helena Recke will be back at Munich Kammerspiele with her new stage play „Die Kraenkungen der Menschheit“. For this piece we are looking for a group of 30 women*/trans*/inter* and girls* of color (non-white persons) with diverse immigration backgrounds and of all ages, whom will be part of an on-stage choreography .

Most important for the participants is flexibility, patience and a strong focus. Therefore the rehearsal and recital of the play will not be physically straining.

We especially welcome applications by Muslim women*/trans*/inter* and girls* with strong cultural

ties to the Muslim faith. As well as applications by women*/trans*/inter* and girls* of all ages, especially by kids, teens and women*/trans*/inter* above 60.

You can find all further information about the play and the application here.