THE MANY: first press conference in Munich at Gärtnerplatztheater, May 8, 2019

“We are MANY – since they started in February, the Bavarian declaration of the MANY has been signed by 218 institutions and 424 individuals. As their first big event, the MANY in Munich will join May 19th's demonstration „Ein Europa für Alle. Deine Stimme gegen Nationalismus“. All about the demonstration here.

“Furthermore we are working on a shared event calender and planning our first common projects. In 2020, we want to celebrate May 8th (liberation day) as a DAY OF THE MANY and use it for joint events. We are planning a week full of events for 2019 as well, starting November 9.“

– adapted exerpts from the press statement. Rewatch the press conference here.

You can find general information about the MANY on this page.