“Tiefer Schweb”

The trailer is online

Up to now, the employees in the department for passports and residency documents at Lake Constance’s regional office (ZVdBR) had shrugged off the unexpected onrush as a temporary situation. They remained calm and matter-of-fact, even when the disturbing rumour of a “Day X” started to circulate. But when the date was officially confirmed, the offices were suddenly abandoned and the staff disappeared, briefly involved in an unknown mission. Enigmatic cases like these are known on the shores of Lake Constance as a “Tiefer Schweb” (deep dive), in reference to this deepest, most uncharted area of inland sea. Because here, in the area where the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Germany are so close together that you can visit all three countries in the space of a few seconds, civil servants and their relatives have retreated to a secret place: here, they meet out of the public eye and prepare for the inevitable moment of truth

Christoph Marthaler, who knows how to captivates audiences with his idiosyncratic, poetic music-theatre shows, returns to Munich after a long absence.

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