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"Das Erbe" on 27. December

„Be just“ (Franz Kafka, In the Penal Colony) — For four years now, the trial for the murders allegedly carried out by the right-wing terrorist group, the „Nationalsozialistische Untergrund“ (NSU), have been taking place at the Higher Regional Court in Munich. Yet there is still no end in sight. But even when the trial ends, will the sentencing of guilty parties bring about a cathartic purification of society? Doesn’t the copious evidence suggest that the trial itself is only a minor detail — in this ever-growing complexity of guilt, for which no closure exists? Using this guilt as its starting point, „Das Erbe“ (The Legacy) implicates a community which has become alienated from the present and only looks for answers in the past. In Olga Bach’s stage play, this community communicates exclusively through its common cultural heritage, through the archive of German cultural history. Should this legacy be sacrificed to make a new beginning possible? The director Ersan Mondtag, who has been invited twice in a row to Berlin’s Theatertreffen with the productions „Tyrannis“ and „Die Vernichtung“ (likewise written by Olga Bach) turns the bleak, Romantic imagery of the past into the future.
„Guilt is always indubitable“.

Tickets are available for 27. December, in Kammer 2