new discoveries


The “Lange Nacht der neuen Dramatik” (Long Night of New Drama) is a byword for new discoveries: discoveries of texts, playwrights and ideas that belong on stage. The multidisciplinary panel of judges (see below) met in February of this year and selected the following authors for the final round: Anna Gschnitzer with “Fallen”, Caren Jeß with “Bookpink”, Frederik Müller with “Der deutschen Mutter” and Danijel Szeredy with “Lerchelein”. For the long night, four readings will take place with the participation of the Kammerspiele ensemble that are deliberately neither productions nor world premieres, because this event aims to put the text itself in the centre stage. Pay attention! These four texts await their world premieres! Prize money donated by the Edith and Werner Rieder Foundation totalling 15,000 euros will be awarded on this evening. A 3-month residency is being offered this year for the first time at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

The “Lange Nacht der neuen Dramatik” is presented on May 5 at Kammer 1.