One voice - five languages


On 17th July, 9 p.m., is the Syrian-Armenian pop singer Lena Chamamyan guest in Kammer 1.

Like many of her fellow nationals, the Syrian-Armenian pop singer Lena Chamamyan has been living in Paris for several years, where she mainly works with European musicians. They also helped with recordings on her latest album „Ghazal El-Banat (Cotton Candy)“. This 12-track record contains tracks that are often dedicated to women and children. At the same time, they tell the story of a woman who moved to Europe – and had to start her life and career all over again.

Lena Chamamyan combines Arabic and Armenian music with contemporary styles and sings in five different languages. Lena Chamamyan’s – by any standards – transnational music fusion, has made her a pioneering political figure.