Three invitations to the festival „radikal jung“

To this years festival „radikal jung“, the productions

Mittelreich“, after the concept of Anta Helena Recke

„DON'T WORRY BE YONCÉ XS edition“, directed by the Otto Falckenberg graduate Stephanie van Batum

and „Bilder deiner großen Liebe“, directed by Marie Rosa Tietjen, who also is an actress of this seasons production „Trüffel Trüffel Trüffel“ in the Münchner Kammerspiele,

have been invited. Anta Helena Reckes production has also been invited to the Berliner Theatertage.

We congratulate sincerely to all of them!

Tickets for the next show of „Mittelreich“ are available HERE, tickets for „Trüffel Trüffel Trüffel“ HERE