Attention! On Saturday we show “Hochdeutschland” for the last time! Tickets are still left.

Don’t miss “Hochdeutschland”! On January 11 we play it for the last time!

Protest movements usually take place on the street. They are organised via the Internet, but what counts in the end is visibility on the street. If you follow current news reports, you find yourself asking: Will half of Europe soon be protesting? Demonstrations range from schoolchildren gathering across Europe to protest against climate change and lax environmental policies under the slogan #FridaysForFuture, to the gilet jaunes in France, a movement that has blurred the well-known political boundaries and unites citizens with very diverse attitudes. The protests largely originate from people who do not benefit from the ruling system, who are literally deprived of a future. But what about those on the other side, who keep capitalism alive and profit? The protagonist of the novel, investment banker Victor, is just such a person. He has it all, but he’s still not happy. Victor decides to act. He founds a populist movement and seeks his private salvation in political protest. Can the system destroy itself from the inside? How removed from reality is the German elite? Germany 2019: Do we need a fresh start?