Mittelreich appropriated

By Anta Helena Recke after the version by Anna-Sophie Mahler

The director Anta Helena Recke is possibly the first theatre-maker to transfer this long-established paradigm in the visual arts onto the performing arts in a radical gesture.

In her first production for the Münchner Kammerspiele, Anta Helena Recke faithfully reproduces all the parameters of Anna-Sophie Mahler’s “Mittelreich”. The same text is spoken. The scenography is identical. Only the performers have been replaced – they are now all black. This strategy – of making a slightly divergent replica of the original is an attempt to inscribe “Mittelreich” onto the canon of German theatre and problematise the auspices under which precisely this canon continues to be produced. Because almost all people who work in German municipal and state theatres, bothon and off stage, are white. The structural racism which characterises all levels of society will be made transparentin a particularly vivid manner using the casting practices of municipal theatre as an example.

You can find all the dates here. A symposium will be held on 22 October 2017.