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Some 300,000 mentally ill and people with disabilities were murdered between 1939 and 1945 by doctors and nurses in Germany and Eastern Europe. Initiated by Adolf Hitler’s “Euthanasia” decree of 1 September 1939 and centrally directed from Berlin, adults and children classified as “unworthy of life” were killed using gas, overdoses of drugs, starvation or deliberate neglect. The first transfer of patients to an institution for their murder took place 80 years ago on 18 January 1940: they were patients of the Eglfing-Haar sanatorium and nursing home. More than 2,000 Munich residents were murdered in institutions by medical staff. From their letters we reconstruct a picture of what happened at that time.

After a brief period of investigation by the Allies in preparation for the Nuremberg medical trials, these crimes were forgotten, repressed and denied. Only decades later did the systematic investigation of violent crimes tentatively begin. Gradually the victims were reintegrated into the family and collective memory. Afterwards, a discussion with the psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Michael von Cranach and the historian Dr. Sibylle von Tiedemann will take place. It is possible for relatives to receive support in their research.

Yesterday "Dionysos Stadt" was awarded with the NESTROY-Prize 2019 in the category "Beste Aufführung im deutschsprachigen Raum" at Theater an der Wien.

The Münchner Kammerspiele congratulate the whole team which is making this production possible.

See "Dionysos Stadt" on December 28 and 29, 2019, January 04 and 05, 2020 and February 01 and 02, 2020 at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

On saturday, November 09, 2019, Maja Beckmann received the FAUST-Preis at Staatstheater Kassel. She was awarded for her extraordinary performance in our production "Dionysos Stadt" directed by Christopher Rüping.


Please find further information about the production here.

Apart from classic productions like Shakespeares „König Lear“, „Hamlet“ or Schillers „Die Räuber“ but this time as the female version „Die Räuberinnen“ we show also new stories: For example we bring „Die Kränkungen der Menschheit“ and our latest production „Nirvanas Last“ on stage.

Moreover you can look forward to the popular festival „Alien Disko #4“, which is curated by none other than the Band „The Notwist“.

Take a look at our calender and secure tickets for your favorites!

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