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Youth, practise theater!

The label "Staatsakt", developed by the Berlin band Die Türen, has become one of the most solid addresses for independently produced quality music over the last 14 years. Staatsakt will be celebrating its achievements at the Münchner Kammerspiele in a concert which presents a cross-section of its diverse repertoire. On this night Levin Goes Lighty, Friends of Gas, Andreas Dorau and Maurice & die Familie Summen are going to perform.

Mittelreich appropriated

By Anta Helena Recke after the version by Anna-Sophie Mahler

What happens when an artist produces an artwork that already exists – one not made by her – as an act of appropriation? When she prodcues the very same work, adding small but all the more significant changes or places it in another context?

The try out subscription!

This offer is only available till Friday of this week

Every season the Münchner Kammerspiele offer the opportunity to obtain a trial subscribtion. It is available for 77 Euro on all seats. The earlier you book it, the better your seats will be.


Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis is awarded to Julia Riedler

Julia Riedler, member of the ensemble of the Münchner Kammerspiele, will be awarded the Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis in the category Performing Arts.

She will receive the price on November 15 at the HFF in Munich.

Accessible Kammer

POINT OF NO RETURN AM 2.11. // NO Theater am 1.12.

We offer audio description for POINT OF NO RETURN on 2 November 17.


NO THEATER with sign language on 1 December 17.

Please contact the box office at least one week before the show make sure of suitable seating:
089 233 966 00 or

Catchy tune guarantees!

Tiefer Schweb to sing along

After seeing our play „Tiefer Schweb“ at Kammer 1 you wont get this song out of your head.

Weg von hier

By Frank-Markus Barwasser in Kammer 1 on November 09

Tickets already available!

More information comming soon.

Theatre among vegetables

Find us at Munich's markets and learn about our subscriptions

In the weeks to come we will be present at different markets all around Munich. Our experts from the box office will bring shirts with them and everything you need to know about next season's subscriptions.


Hassan Akkouch was awarded the “Förderpreis 2017”

Our heartiest congratulations.

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