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Congratulations, Elfriede Jelinek!

Dramatist and Nobel laureate gets the theatre award Der Faust for her oeuvre

One winner of the theatre prize Der Faust was already known before the award ceremony. Elfriede Jelinek, dramatist and literature Nobel Price laureate was honoured by receiving the Faust prize for her oeuvre.

In-house director Nicolas Stemann has a deep connection with Elfriede Jelinek. He premiered many of her texts including “Wut” at the Münchner Kammerspiele in the season 2015/16.

Bravo, Sylvana Seddig!

Actress from “América” wins the German theatre award Der Faust

We are very happy that Sylvana Seddig, known at the Kammerspiele for her performance in “América”, won the German theatre award Der Faust in the category actress/actor dance for her performance in Ersan Mondtag's staging “Iphigenie”. Congratulations!

“América” again November 27 and December 18, 8 p.m., Kammer 1.

A piece of Tokyo in Munich

“Nō Theater” on November 10

What do the subway stations Roppongi and Tochōmae of the world's largest metropolitan region Tokyo and a traditional, almost 700 years old form of theatre have in common?

Congratulations, dear ladies!

Susanne Kennedy and Yael Ronen are awarded the “Europe Price Theatrical Realities"

We are very pleased to announce that the directors Susanne Kennedy and Yael Ronen get this year's “Europe Price Theatrical Realities" that is awarded by the European Comission. Congratulations!

Subscriber on try out

The Try Out Subscription is still available!

Every season the Münchner Kammerspiele offer the opportunity to obtain a trial subscription. It is available for 77 Euro for all seats. The earlier you book it, the better your seats will be.

The following plays are included:

“On The Road”
Nach dem Roman von Jack Kerouac
Inszenierung: David Marton

Nach der Romantrilogie „Erfolg“, „Geschwister Oppermann“ und „Exil“
Von Lion Feuchtwanger
Inszenierung: Stefan Pucher

“Miranda Julys Der erste fiese Typ”
Inszenierung: Christopher Rüping

Eine Besetzung der Kammerspiele

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Zeitkapsel Hasenbergl

On 26 October 17, 8 pm in Kammer 3

A time capsule is a container buried in the cornerstone of a new building that provides information for posterity about how it was created. During her research on the history of post-war modernism, Pia Lanzinger discovered that the foundation stone of the Hasenbergl district had disappeared, along with its time capsule. The Munich-based artist perceived this loss as an opportunity and produced a new time capsule. And in doing so, she documents the lives of this district’s inhabitants from within and communicates the results to the public. Among other things, short stories by 70 self-confident “time bots” were recorded on video. With the resulting material, the time capsule will be filled and handed over to Hasenbergl. As part of an accompanying event at the Münchner Kammerspiele, many of the participants will be on stage. A group of experts will form a counterpoint. A small step forward for the housing estate, onto which many once pinned their hopes of urban city planning. And a great step forward for the idea of democracy.

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26. Oct 17, 20:00 Hrs

Kammerklicke Reloaded

Youth, practise theater!

You want to be on the stage? Then the Kammerklicke is the right address for you!
We improvise and experiment together and in the end we present our own play on the stage.
Come around and have a look!

Meeting every Wednesday
5.00 pm
Falckenbergstraße 2

The label "Staatsakt", developed by the Berlin band Die Türen, has become one of the most solid addresses for independently produced quality music over the last 14 years. Staatsakt will be celebrating its achievements at the Münchner Kammerspiele in a concert which presents a cross-section of its diverse repertoire. On this night Levin Goes Lighty, Friends of Gas, Andreas Dorau and Maurice & die Familie Summen are going to perform.

Mittelreich appropriated

By Anta Helena Recke after the version by Anna-Sophie Mahler

What happens when an artist produces an artwork that already exists – one not made by her – as an act of appropriation? When she prodcues the very same work, adding small but all the more significant changes or places it in another context?

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