Residencies for artistic research

OPEN CALL until 15th of July 2022

How can museums and archives respond (artistically) to their own voids?

The artistic research field Remembrance as Work on the Present of the Münchner Kammerspiele is looking for collaborators to explore the gaps within museums and archives through a (location-independent) artistic residency:

How can the intangible be archived and re-presented?
What does memory work sound like?

What is the materiality of the forgotten?

Through three artistic research residencies, we invite curators and visual artists, theatre makers and musicians, historians and archivists or researchers from the humanities or social studies to conduct an artistic exploration of the place of memory culture in the museum and the archive: For what are there no documents that could go into storage? How is an archaeology of the present possible? How can the unknown, the silenced or the repressed be documented? Which historical events lack documentation and are therefore missing from the storage rooms? How can gaps in research and memory be exhibited? How do we trace and remember restitution after it has been completed? How do we highlight gaps, the forgotten and the repressed in public space?

The artistic research residencies may produce performative, musical or installative works. Project drafts whose realisation is currently difficult or yet unclear can also be developed further during the residency and presented as sketches at the final presentation (possibly on the 8th of December) in Munich.

The artistic research field “Remembrance as Work on the Present”.

We explore the intersections of historical research and artistic practices and look for aesthetic, educational and civil society, local and international perspectives on memory culture. We explore spatial, biographical and historical interconnections and try to enrich our understanding of history through a kaleidoscopic view of the past. How does memory culture change in a society that has recognised its own radical diversity?

Thematic emphasis of the call

The call for proposals focuses on Nazi injustice and the fates of those persecuted under the Nazi regime, in particular the perspectives and practices of remembrance of survivors and their descendants, including Sinti and Roma, Jews, people outside the heteronormative framework or people with disabilities. Perhaps the exploration of the (museum’s) gaps may be the starting point for an examination of one’s own present?

Submissions that deal with a specific location will be given preference. However, a connection to the city of Munich is by no means necessary.

Scope of the residencies

The residencies are each endowed with 5,000 euros (travel, materials and stipend, and can be split in the case of group applications). Please suggest how you would like to use the budget. The final contributions are to be presented at the festival Erinnerungskulturen at the Münchner Kammerspiele (probably on 8th of December). All residencies will be accompanied by active press work (including social media).

Application information

The following must be submitted: two-page project outline (plus images) and artistic CVs of the participants and a budget (see for reference “scope of the residencies”).

The residencies will be selected by a jury of experts at the end of July 2022. We look forward to receiving applications by 15th of July (extended) to

Complete information about the artistic research residencies and how to apply can also be found in this PDF: artistic research residencies

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