For Everybody

Introductions and Artist Talks

Almost all productions include introductions featuring dramaturges and discussions with stage directors and actors. Here you will learn more about the development of a specific stage performance and you can participate by offering your praise and criticism, questions and comments.

Welcome Café

for refugees and locals

Every Monday between 6pm and 10pm well-established and brand-new Munich inhabitants are cordially invited to get into a conversation over a cup of tea or a bowl of soup at Kammer 2. In this manner, dates for playing soccer or learning German can be made face-to-face. New supportive relationships can be developed, invitations extended, questions asked and advice provided. A place where everybody feels welcome and where people can literally take a look over the rim of their own cup. The newly founded OPEN BORDER ENSEMBLE will present theater, music and talk.

Next date:
24 April, 18 - 22 Uhr: Lecture -Andere Stimmen (other voices)
29 May, 18 - 22 Uhr: Sing Sing Sing! Night of Choirs
26 June, 18 - 22 Uhr
24 July, 18 - 20 Uhr in the garden


Next date: 10. May, 8 pm, Kammer 2


Next date: 04 April, 5pm

Every month, we offer guided tours (in German) behind the scenes of Münchner Kammerspiele to give you insights into the conception and staging of plays. The tour starts on a rehearsal stage, leads through the work shops and ends on the main stage of Kammer 1.

Meeting point: foyer of Kammer 2.

Free entry, tickets are available online and at the box office

The Breakfast Club

Next date: 26 March, 11.30 am, CONVIVA IM BLAUEN HAUS

Accessibility April

On the occasion of "Luegen", a production by Verena Regensburger with the deaf actress and dancer Kassandra Wedel, we present several performances with special accessibility. Here is an overview of all shows.

For Students


Several times a year the Münchner Kammerspiele will become an interdisciplinary lab for students: On four long weekends young theater talents will experiment with discussion formats and new types of presentation, visit eminent performances and meet with German and international artists. Practitioners will encounter theoreticians, aesthetes will bump into activists and performers-to-be will make contact with critics-to-be.


TEACHING ACTION - 24./25./26. November

In the frame of the festival ENDSTATION SEHNSUCHT. THEATER IN MEXIKO: EIN FESTIVAL ÜBER FLUCHT, IDENTITÄT UND DIE DARSTELLBARKEIT VON GEWALT teachers and scientists from Mexico and Germany meet to discuss possibilities of eduction in the field of performing arts. Which theatre do we aim for and what should the schools look like to achieve this? The campus will also visit the 3 big theatre schools/insitutions in Munich such as the Otto-Falckenberg School, the Akademie August Everding as well as the institute for theatre studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians University.
Moderated by ausbau.sechs (Linda Löbl und Sebastian Linz)

KammerCampus #7

13-16 October // with LUST from Helsinki

Subject: The Autonomous Actor (DAS)
All inclusive? How Münchner Kammerspiele went about opening itself to new modes of production and political content.
In collaboration with the 3rd year of Otto-Falckenberg-School

KammerCampus #4

EUROPOLY MASTER CLASS - Training for Europe

On the occasion of the EUROPOLY festival in Munich (17 to 21 February 2016) the Münchner Kammerspiele in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut offered a master class to young artists from the five participatory cities Athens, Dublin, Lisbon, Munich and Vilnius. 3 up and rising performers and theater makers from each of the 5 countries were invited to meet, discuss, exchange on contemporary theatre and performance. The maximum age is 28 years.

KammerCampus #3

Inclusive Art

KammerCampus #3 focusses on art and inclusion.

On the occasion of the symposium

(You must change your life? Optimization in the age of feasibility)

the classes of Senta Connert and Res Ingold (both Academy of Fine Arts Munich) meet students of the program Theater als Soziale Kunst (theatre as social art) from Dortmund.

They are invited to consume, comment and complete the symposium.


80 Euros for one year Kammerspiele

Students, pupils and trainees of up to 30 years old pay a one-time fee of 80 Euro and become members of the club: They can request to be put on the guest list for almost all performances at the Münchner Kammerspiele or pass by on the spur of the moment and pick up a ticket – while stocks last.

Tickets can be booked already one day prior to the regular beginning of advance ticket sales. The card is valid for one year. In the event of loss a replacement card is available at 10 Euro.

You can get the KAMMERFLAT directly at our box office on Maximilianstraße 28; you can place your order by phone at +49/89 / 233 966 00 or by fax at +49/89 / 233 966 05.

For children and youngsters

Young people between 14 and 21 years of age set up the Kammerspiele to create theater. Supported by professionals, they develop competences in a wide variety of theatrical fields, such as drama, directing, dramaturgy, set design, light, sound and video technology.

First meeting: 28 September, 4 pm, Kammer 2

For school classes

performance workshop

before or after your visit

We visit you at school and invite you to engage yourself in theatre. Together, we have a look at texts worked with, topics dealt with and esthetics used for specific performances.

guided tour

The excursion starts on a rehearsal stage and ends in Kammer 1, the main performance space. In between you see all the steps it takes to make the curtain open each night: workshops, tailor shops cloakrooms etc.

duration: 90 Minuten

premiere class

theatre close-up

The premiere class accompanies a theatre production from the first stage modell to the finished piece. The pupils meet the artists for a first conceptual talk to get an impression of what is intended concering the text, the stage, the costumes, the esthetics. Some weeks later, they visit a rehearsal and get in touch with more people involved. Finally, they go and see the final piece and have a last discussion.

For Teachers

Theatre Conference

for teachers

The tension which exists between text and production is under examination. We are looking for material for theater and school. A joint theater visit puts the finishing touch to the meeting.

contact teacher

the schools's "vanguard"

The contact teacher is always up to date with our monthly info letter as well as actual news by email. We'll provide him and her with a reduced ticket to check if a performance is relevant and interesting for the school.

School projects


For one month we invite a school to enter into a temporary partnership with a collective of artists. Together they research current topics and types of performances. They engage in a dialog at eye-level. This interaction results in stories, musical pieces, stage-sets, video and choreographies which are presented at the end of the month.


TUSCH- "Theatre and School" is a project to promote cultural and asthetic education at Munich schools. It serves to establish ongoing and sustainable partnerships between Munich schools and theatres.




Elke Bauer, Anne Schulz
Maria Hirtreiter (FSJ Kultur)
Tel: 089 / 233 368-17