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Dear friends of Kammerspiele,

We look forward to seeing you in the next season ...

... and say thank you very much and goodbye for this one!

From September 25, 2016, on Kammerspiele will be open again, on September 28 the season will officially begin. You can buy tickets online from August 1 on, the box office will be open again from September 13 on.

If you scroll down you will find the magazine for the next season containing all of our premieres.


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“in all shapes and sizes”

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In der nächsten Spielzeit können Sie testen, wie es sich anfühlt, ein/e Abonnent/in der Münchner Kammerspiele zu sein.


See all our trailers for the season 2015 / 2016

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Get a glimpse of all our new productions and guest performances with our new trailers.
Gain insight into what's happening on stage and beyond.

All our trailers are available in our media library.


Münchner Kammerspiele
Kammer 1/2/3
Falckenbergstraße 2
80539 Munich
Phone: 0049 (0)89 / 233 371 00

Kammer 1 (Schauspielhaus)
Maximilianstraße 26-28

Kammer 2 (Spielhalle)
Falckenbergstraße 1

Kammer 3 (Werkraum)
Hildegardstraße 1

Postal address
Münchner Kammerspiele
POB 10 10 38
80084 Munich

Box office

Box office
Maximilianstraße 28, 80539 Munich
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

One hour prior to the beginning of the performances you can also buy tickets at the door. The respective box office for Kammer 1 is located at Maximiliansstraße 28, the box office for Kammer 2 and Kammer 3 at Falckenbergstraße 1.

Telephone sales office : 0049 (0)89 / 233 966 00
Fax: 089 / 233 966 05

Subscription service

Pia Weidner-Bohnenberger
089 / 233 966 02 / Fax -05

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